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So you want to know my story?

Once a upon a time…


There was a young woman named belle…

She watched “ Secret Diary of a Call Girl” and she was hooked.

When I first saw that show it got me really excited and intrigued by the idea of providing companionship and exploring my sexuality.

The only thing that prevented me from doing it was I was always shy about my size, funny enough I was actually much smaller then. After some time I had lost quite a bit of weight and started to feel more comfortable and I worked for an agency very briefly. It wasn’t for me. I like to be in control of who I see and when I see them. I went away for 2 years and had gained my weight back and some and decided that I wanted to go back into the industry as a voluptuous women, out of curiosity, to see if all men really prefer thin women. I was wrong, they don’t. I started to really enjoy this as I felt very free and really enjoy exploring my sexuality. I have now been 100 percent independent for a year and I’m not stopping anytime soon. If you're here, then you must be curious to know what I'm like. I'll make it as simple as I can. I am a voluptuous blonde with mesmerizing green/grey eyes. I offer a companion/dinner date service. I reside in the beautiful Forest Hill area of Toronto.

I am an artist, a woman of many talents, an entrepreneur, wine enthusiast and an avid reader. I enjoy intellectually stimulating conversations and prefer to surround myself with positive and successful people. I have big goals that I have set for my life. I love flowers, some of my  favourites are white Lilies, Orchids and Peonies. I enjoy listening to Classical, Jazz and and Soul Music. I am very selective with the person with whom I intend to spend my time with. I look for a well manned, well groomed, respectful gentlemen. My current goal is to work on getting my body back into the shape it was and to work on my entrepreneur projects.  If you would like to potentially see me please be aware there there is a screening process required. If you are a Public Figure/Celebrity, a formal Non Disclosure Agreement is available upon request. I hope to be your future dinner date or just a pretty Toronto tour guide. Thank you stopping by and I wish you a lovely day.